Discovery Consultation Booking Form

I look forward to welcoming you at our workshops and discussing how we can assist you taking the next step. To get the most from our time together there is a bit of information that we need to set the stage such as

  • your motivation and reasons for developing this part of the business
  • what your objectives are for this in the next 12 months
  • any questions you may have . Many of our past clients have found this process to be beneficial in focusing on the requirements of using wood fired ovens. It will also give direction to our consultation and ensure that our time is kept relevant and informative to your individual needs.
  • your budget for both the oven and the overall venture, helping how best to direct you.

So I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to fill in and submit this form, we will then get back to you to confirm your consultation time and date.

Any information you give is, of course, confidential and will not be disclosed to any 3rd party.


The 1 to 1 Discovery Consultation is provided FREE OF CHARGE and you may bring up to 2 people with you.

There will be a charge pf £450.00 if you cancel your consultation giving less than 7 days notice or do not show up on the day.

We will secure your place with your Credit or Debit Card details when we call to confirm the consultation date and time. The card details you supply WILL NOT BE DEBITED UNLESS YOU CANCEL as previously stated or simply DO NOT ATTEND.

We hugely appreciate your punctuality as the consultations are run back to back so keeping to a set time is key and we will not be able to run over your allotted time if there is someone after you.

I regret that I do not do site visits until a deposit is placed on one of our ovens and you have attended a consultation.

Any deposit will be refunded if it is found that you cannot practically fit one of our ovens.

By submitting this form you agree to these conditions

I look forward to welcoming you,

Kind regards,

Jay Emery